Why Is Document Management Important for your Contact Management Software?

Most contact management software (CRM) solutions include some kind of document management features. Typically these features includes the option to archive/link a document to an entity, such as a contact, company or project and collaborate with other users. This can become very useful as now users can view entity information in addition to all files related.

However, the main problem with these contact management solutions is that they don’t offer complete document management features, such as version control and reverting to a previous version. Without these 2 essential features, most contact management software’s on the market still force their customers to either purchase a 3rd party document management software or manually create new version of a document each time they want to make changes.

for this reason, InfoFlo includes complete document management features. It is the only contact management software on the market that includes all the features: document archiving (document linking), collaboration, version control and revert back to previous version. With this complete feature set users can enjoy all the benefits of a contact manager software fully integrated with all the document management features they would need. There is no need to purchase a 3rd party document management software and all information is stored on one central server, rather then on two separate servers.

You can find more information here: http://www.carmelvision.com/document-management.htm


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