Contact Management Software that you can afford

Contact Management Software is usually expensive to purchase, complicated to setup and requires many hours of training. For this reason many companies prefer to remain with Outlook and not deal with the headache of installing a contact management software or CRM software.

For this reason, we have developed InfoFlo which starts at only $99 per user.

Product Overview:

InfoFlo is highly customizable, feature rich and affordable CRM solution that is fully integrated with Outlook. We currently compete with CRM solutions such as ACT, SalesForce and Maximizer and are signing up customers who are frustrated with these solutions on a daily basis.

What makes our software unique is:

  1. All contact information is only  a single click away because we link all emails (automatically linked to the contact!!), calendar appointments, files, notes, tasks,  telephone calls and more to each contact. While at the same time we also provide a list of all emails, notes, appointments, tasks created in the entire system offering a 360 degree of an office
  2. Features such as email marketing with personalized fields, document management with version control, scanning, project management, calendar sharing, PDF converter and business card scanner
  3. Easy to Customize
    1. Our system is centered around 4 entities: Contacts, Companies, Categories, Projects. All of these entities can be renamed
    2. Custom Fields for contacts, companies, projects
    3. Custom calendar appointments, task types, project types
    4. Custom Folder names and Templates
    5. Custom Scanning Workflow
    6. Outlook Sync feature so that users don’t need to change their environment, while still working within InfoFlo: We are one of the few CRM solutions that has successfully created a sync with Outlook. Many CRM solutions claim to have this, but it in fact does not work as advertised. I believe that there are many SMB’s that are using OpenText software and are only using Outlook as their CRM. I see quite a large target market here.
    7. Affordable one-time cost: Infoflo is affordable and is only a one-time cost for life.

InfoFlo is an affordable contact management software that’s easy to setup and is very user friendly.