How Productive People Work Less and Get More Done

You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.  — John C. Maxwell

What does your morning usually look like? What routine do you follow on a day-to-day basis? What tasks do you complete in this routine? In what order do you complete the tasks?

If you are like me, you have a morning routine. You likely never chose it; it is something that you developed and followed as the years went by.

Don’t believe me? Look at it this way. What gets added to your list first? Socks or pants? Shirt or pants? Shirt or socks? Do you run around in your socks, shirt and pants or are you like most productive people in your socks, pants and trousers before you grab your shirt? Or do you do something else entirely?

The order in which you get dressed in the morning is irrelevant. But what happens next is something that you should follow closely.

Do you check your emails? Check your phone notifications? Answer text messages from colleagues and friends? Log on to Twitter or Facebook? Do you walk to the subway or the car, picking up a coffee on the way? When you get to work, do you chat with colleagues about irrelevant stuff? Do you open your email to deal with client issues and requests? Do you get caught up in the middle of office politics? Conversations about what happened in the news yesterday?

Does any of this get you where you want to go? Are any of these things really that important to you and your goals? Are they truly important activities or are they just driven by habit?

How Productive People Work Less and Get More Done

Working in fast-paced environments over the years, I have found that one of the startling differences between those who achieve more normal results and those who achieve phenomenal results is that the latter group focus on doing something that leads to their long-term goals and dreams first. They do it before opening their emails, dealing with minor gripes and getting distracted with office politics.

Essentially, they learned to take a bite out of the big pie, the one that they really want to eat; the one that will give them the utmost people. They make sure that those first hours of the day are focused on the really important stuff.

Some come in earlier to do it. Some wake up earlier to do it. Some shut their doors (to minimize distractions) and do it. Some give themselves a small amount of time to do the other stuff and then red circle time to do it…

But all productive people do it early in the day and make sure that every day they take steps towards their vision of where they want to be – in work and in life.

How you start your day really does matter. When you start with the minor stuff (e.g., chats with colleagues, dealing with office politics), you feel frazzled and swamped and you end up getting nowhere. When you begin with the big stuff (e.g., marketing projections, sales projections), you feel focused, productive and clear.

How to Use InfoFlo to Stay Productive

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How to Learn from Your Biggest Sales Mistakes

How to Learn from Your Biggest Sales Mistakes

From my own experience, these 3 big sales mistakes that taught me important lessons. They are:

  1. Overselling
  2. Impatience
  3. Being uncooperative

Here is why….

In my first few months in the sales industry, I experienced the problem of overselling. I was young and I was too eager to sell. I thought that we must do everything and anything just to close a deal. My assumptions were definitely false. And I learned this in the most difficult way possible. The number of sales I made that year was nowhere near the the goals I set for myself. I can probably say that I had good intentions, but it caused more bad than good.

Another sales mistake that I made was being impatient, which I am sure most of us are guilty of once in a while. Throughout the years, I learned that sales people should not push too hard to rush the sale. Some sales cycles can take several months to a few years, and many business-to-business sales involve a number of decision-makers. Being pushy will only push the prospect out the door.

The final sales mistake that I would like to highlight is one of the most important. In sales, we have the tendency to work alone. It’s a competitive field after all. It’s like you against the world. But sales isn’t supposed to be like that. To be better in sales, you need to work well as a team and with colleagues from different departments. In time, I learned that success in sales is more of a team effort than an individual skill.

I have made several other mistakes, but I think these three are the most important for me. These three sales mistakes made me what I am today. A confident writer who loves promoting and writing about CRM software and productivity tools.

You can learn from your mistakes. It’s even better to learn from other people’s mistakes. Avoid these mistakes and you will definitely make your selling more successful.