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Outlook Alternative

Are you looking for an Outlook Alternative?

As you probably found out by now, as great as Outlook is, it can’t be used as a full fledged CRM or contact management software solution. With a doubt, Outlook is a great tools for simple email management, calendar management and task management but this can get overwhelming as the number of Outlook contacts increase.Finally, what if your Outlook client crashes and can’t be restarted or the computer where you have Outlook suddenly gets a virus and can be used? Well since Outlook is a client only software, all of your information will be lost.

So to summarize, what features should you be looking for in an Outlook Alternative?

1) Embedded email, calendar and task editor

2) Automatically link emails, calendar events, notes and tasks to contacts

3) Client server solution
InfoFlo software is a powerful CRM software with many great features that can efficiently run any business. Many businesses today need a client-enabled application to manage their emails and calendars events but there are very few options other than Outlook. With InfoFlo software users have access to a built-in email and calendar editor application that allows you to add any POP3 or IMAP account.
Also, InfoFlo automatically links emails, appointments, notes and tasks to contacts for you, unlike in Outlook where this is manual process, making it a great outlook alternative.
Finally, InfoFlo is a client server solution so that your information is never lost.