Outlook Sync

Outlook is not a CRM software and was never designed to be. With InfoFlo you can enjoy all the benefits of complete Outlook integration, while still offering you the comfort of using the Outlook editors.

Outlook Sync Features:

  • Outlook Contact Sync:

    Automatically sync all your Outlook contacts, using InfoFlo's 2-way contact sync. Any changes made to your contacts, whether in Outlook or InfoFlo, will automatically get updated.

  • Outlook Email Sync:

    InfoFlo will automatically sync with your Outlook email folders and import them into InfoFlo. All emails will be automatically linked to the appropriate contacts and archived to the server. You can find more information regarding how InfoFlo links emails here: Email Management >>

  • Outlook Calendar Sync:

    InfoFlo will automatically sync with your Outlook Calendar. Once synced, InfoFlo will automatically link the calendar events to the appropriate contacts and archive them.. You can find more information about how InfoFlo links and arvhives appointments here: Calendar Management >>

  • Outlook Email and Calendar Editors:

    Why should you have to change the way you work just because you can't use Outlook as your CRM? InfoFlo will automatically load the Outlook email editor when sending an email and then sync it back to InfoFlo using our Email Sync feature.

  • *** 32bit version of Outlook only


As consultants we not only needed a CRM to keep track of our clients we also needed basic project management tools and document management tools so that our various teams can collaborate on common projects but also share information in a sane manner.

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Name - Chalres Morris
Company - Cognyst

Simply the Best crm software I have ever used. Organize your business, organize your prospecting, organize your lead follow-up, organize your emails, all in one place, and watch your sales double or triple. Mine did!!! And now, others on my team have come begun accessing Infoflo remotely

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Name - Daniel Dykstra
Company - Keller Williams

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