How Do I Link Emails to Contacts in Outlook, Gmail, ACT or any other Contact Management Software?

Wouldn’t it be nice if your contact management software automatically linked emails to contacts for you?

Just imagine not having to spend the time in creating rules and filters in Outlook, or how much money you would save not having to pay a consultant to set it up for you.

If you are using InfoFlo as your contact manager, that’s exactly what you get. You’ll never need to link emails again as the software knows to automatically link emails to contacts for you. It does this by checking if an email that has just been downloaded by the system matches a contact that has been added. If it finds a match it automatically links the email to the contacts and marks the email as Known.

At any time an InfoFlo user can see all emails linked to a specific contact, while still having and Inbox view of all Known (emails from contacts added to InfoFlo) and Unknown.

We at Carmel Vision are proud to be one of the few software companies to offer such a feature. Our customers definitely appreciate the time and money that we are saving them.

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