Contact Manager Software for Non-Profits

The features of contact manager software work extremely well with non-profit organizations in need of tools for keeping afloat in changing times. Whether its fundraising support or document storage that your non-profit needs, it is able to ensure the best results for non-profits both large and small.

One of the biggest responsibilities of non-profits is fundraising.  It’s an area that can easily become unmanageable without proper planning and foresight.  A non-profit organization needs the best tools available in order to keep the details of fundraising campaigns under control.  These include keeping tabs of donors and the amounts of donations as well as tracking frequent givers and recurrent volunteers.  Contact manager software has the ability to categorize each of these type of contacts for a variety of key actions.  Whether the desire is to schedule repeat emails or to strategically plan the best focus of time and energy, this software has the answers.

Many non-profit organizers may wonder whether contact manager software is worth the investment, but the truth is there are many non-profit solutions that are well worth it and very affordable.  For as little as $99, non-profits can take advantage of all the benefits of on-premise software that behaves like cloud software, but without the loss of control and exclusivity.   This allows the organization to act as tits own software host using a private server.  This small investment is for the life of the software, a one-time cost that comes complete with many integrated features such as document and email management, tracking and reporting, as well as features that can support event registration, and membership management.

The challenge for today’s non-profit is to make a significant impact with smart and effective programming.  Contact manager software can also help in this area.  Most contact manager software solutions contain a project management add-on that can significantly increase the overall effectiveness of non-profit programming. Sharable features such as calendars and documents, including presentations, flyers and press releases allow for joint collaboration throughout a program’s lifespan.  Non-profits can also take advantage of remote office management features in contact manager software which allows for group collaboration beyond the four walls of an organization.

The best non-profit operations start with an effective contact manager system, one that goes beyond the basic organization of contacts.  Fortunately, today’s contact manager software offers solutions that do just that.  Explore the depths of what contact manager software can do for your organization.  It could be just the solution your non-profit needs to tap into the next level of charitable success.

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