9 Steps To Writing The Perfect Email Pitch

You’ve come up with the most amazing product or service and now want to promote it via email marketing. Now what? In order to be successful, you have to understand a few things about selling and email marketing, so you can connect with and engage eager buyers. The following are 9 steps you can follow to creating the perfect email pitch for your email marketing campaigns:


email marketing pitch tips


1. Gripping Subject Line

The subject line is the first thing that people notice in an email, so it is clearly a very important thing to get right. The most successful subject lines are those that are under 50 characters and stand out by invoking a sense of excitement and urgency.


2. Design

The next thing in order of importance is the design. If your email looks like it is from the past, you’ll find a lot of readers sending it to their spam box or trash bin. You do not need to hire a fancy shmancy designer. All that is required is a bit of time to properly format the content and making it readable and user friendly.


3. Customize the Message

It is very unlikely that every email you send is going to appeal to ever sender in your email database. Keep your lists in separate categories so you can customize each email to work for each particular group and prevent annoying your readers with things that do not interest them.


4. Make It Mobile Friendly

65% of emails are read first on mobile devices. That means if your emails are not optimized to look good on mobile devices, you’re going to miss out on a big chunk of potential readers.


5. Avoid Spam Trigger Words

You can craft the greatest email ever, but if it gets picked up by the recipient’s spam filters it is not going to do much good for you. Avoid using all caps and exclamation marks in your subject line and use common sense when writing the copy.


6. Add Call To Actions (CTAs)

Make sure that the actions you want your readers to take are clearly stated and easily accessible. Whether it be signing up for a service or calling a phone number, you don’t want readers to miss out on the point of the email.


7. Get To The Point

Everyone’s inboxes are overflowing and their attention spam is at the bare minimum. Skip the fluff that will clutter the email and focus on the quality of information and clearness of the call to actions.


8. Include Social Media Buttons

Social media is a great way to get your message across to people who are not subscribed to your email lists. Just by having one strategically placed “Share” button, you can potentially have your emails seen by thousands of people when clicked on.


9. Track

After the email is sent out, don’t forget to track the analytics and use the stats to craft the next email blast.


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