Keep Documents Organized with CRM Software

Keeping documents organized with CRM software may be new to many companies who have not yet discovered the versatility of this unique business tool.  Many may believe that it is limited only to organizing lists of company contacts, much like Outlook.  The truth is, however, its capabilities cover far more territory and may be just the tool your company needs to excel beyond the competition.  Particularly in the area of document management, software has the ability to keep items organized with clarity and ease.

The advantages of CRM software with key company document organizing features are numerous. Most software systems organize documents by linking them to contacts, so that each time a user clicks a contact’s name, all electronic documents associated with the contact are in full display.  This provides a sensible system of order and reduces clutter within the company’s computer system.  It also means that document retrieval is a snap, creating better workflow and saving precious time.

Further document archiving features include ways to keep folders organized. Top systems create folders for documents automatically each time a new contact or company is created.  Again, much-needed time can be saved when users avoid creating the same folder for each account over and over again.  This, added to the ability to copy and paste folders, files and documents across contact entries, opens up greater and greater possibilities for workers to use time productively.

The document management feature also has more beneficial advantages.  Take, for instance, version control. This term refers to the user’s ability to check documents in or out of the system for updates, changes, comments and general editing.  This allows multiple users to collaborate on document creation, complete with access to previous versions for referencing.  It can also reduce the frustration involved when multiple writers collaborate on a document, allowing each writer to pick up where the other left off without skipping a beat.

Keep in mind that some software solutions include document management as an added feature in addition to a list of core software features.  It’s best to keep an eye out for this important feature whether it’s an add-on or a core offering.  Its advantages make CRM software well worth the investment.

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