Facebook Reportedly Working On Website For Office Use

Facebook is coming out with an office version of its social media platform for employee-to-employee communication at work. The pilot project is still in the test stages of development and will not be out for another few months. By taking on this project, it is taking on entrenched rivals, such as Microsoft, Google, Skype and a number of other smaller companies aiming their sights at the ever-evolving landscape.

It’s referred to as “Facebook at Work,” and the look and feel will be just like the current social media website. The only differences are that it’s meant for communicating with colleagues and management and collaborating on office projects.

This would not be the first idea or change Facebook proposed or made this year.  In April of this year it officially launched Business Manager, a tool that lets marketers and agencies manage multiple campaigns via one interface. Just three weeks ago it also made changes to its privacy policy and shortened it by 75%.

Social Media scholars regard this as a wise move. Given that Facebook already has 1.35 billion users who access the social media network on a monthly basis, it’s well poised to bring it into an office environment as well. Facebook employees and their managers are already using the social network to collaborate internally, but nothing officially.

Facebook at Work

What does this mean for business professionals?

If Facebook can get companies to adopt their idea, it could open up new and exciting opportunities. For instance, it will allow employees to make their professional profiles “public,” which would turn Facebook into a professional social network that could compete against LinkedIn directly.

Facebook has declined to make a statement about this new development. The news was reported by Financial Times on November 16, 2014. Carmel Vision will update you as soon as more information becomes available.


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