InfoFlo CRM Software Nominated as High Performer by G2 Crowd

The Carmel Vision team is proud to announce that G2 Crowd nominated our InfoFlo Software as one of 13 high performers in the CRM Software industry.

G2 Crowd is a trusted source of enterprise software reviews from real users. They launched the Beta version of their site in February 2013. Since then, they have garnered over 20,000 reviews of products across more than 200 categories, and more than half a million answers to the questions software buyers desire the most answers to.


Any user of business software is welcome to share their experiences with the products they use in a review on G2 Crowd. Their reviews are different from Yelp’s in that the G2 Crowd verifies reviewers to make certain they are real business professionals, and no one can review their own product or that of a competitor; essentially eliminating bias.

Our goal as a company is to now qualify as a leader by G2 Crowd. In order to become one, we must receive a high customer satisfaction score and have a substantial market presence. This is a goal that we feel is attainable and achievable by our staff who continue to strive for excellence in customer service and product offerings.

We welcome you to help us reach for the top by submitting your customer review on G2 Crowd. Your customer reviews mean the world to us. It’s the kind of selfless goodwill that feels like a pat on the back and makes all our hard work and efforts worthwhile. A big thank you goes out to G2 Crowd for the nomination and to all the individuals that took the time to write to us to express their gratitude for the services that we provide.

You can submit your review here.


About Carmel Vision

Carmel Vision, a Toronto based CRM software development company, is focused on delivering a powerful management infrastructure that is designed to collect, search, and archive all content, contact and communication activities that take place in a typical office. We understand and listen to all of our customers’ needs and strive to give excellent quality at affordable prices.

Our flagship product, InfoFlo – is a central management system specifically designed to combat one of the biggest technical challenges facing any professional organization, how to efficiently organize, archive, filter and search the vital information that bombards our desktops on a daily basis. Our infrastructure allows all office activities to coexist together under one umbrella, making all critical information readily available at your fingertips.

If you are new to InfoFlo & Carmel Vision, we welcome you to our blog and resource hub. You’re just 30 Seconds away from your free 30 Day Trial of InfoFlo! Download your free trial here.

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