How To Purchase CRM Software Without Breaking the Bank

You would never hire a plumber and send him to service a client without his tools, right?

It’s not just that it would be dangerous, but it wouldn’t be very proactive of you as well.

So why would you hire a sales representative without using a comprehensive and reliable CRM Software?

Having an intuitive and easy-to-use CRM platform can dramatically increase your staff performance. And yet, we continue to encounter businesses where customer inquiries are being handled using Outlook and a sticky notes all over the computer screen.

The most common excuse we hear is that CRM software is not affordable and not within their budget, too complicated, and unnecessary. But that’s not all true. Let us show you the benefit of purchasing a revenue-changing tool for you and all your employees!


Why You Should Invest in InfoFlo CRM Software?

InfoFlo’s customers are empowered to do more with less. While “Customer Service is Supreme” might been a company motto for just about ever business out there, it wasn’t until social media became mainstream that a lot more companies started to take complaints from customers, comments and feedback more seriously.

Why? It’s because one negative experience can be read by thousands, if not millions, of social media users.

To turn negative experiences into positive ones, you need to start with the right CRM Software.  Research by BrandWatch has found that over 65% of customers would recommend a brand based on a quick and effective response in social media channels.

About Carmel Vison

Carmel Vision, a Toronto based CRM software development company, is focused on delivering a powerful management infrastructure that is designed to collect, search, and archive all content, contact and communication activities that take place in a typical office. We understand and listen to all of our customers’ needs and strive to give excellent quality at affordable prices.

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