5 Ways to Improve Your Customer Service

Customer service is the pulse of life for companies large and small. Without proper organization of it’s ins and outs, sales slump and the way forward can quickly become a murky mess.  Consistent customer service gains is not a mystery however, for those who’ve managed to whittle their customer service game down to a few crucial essentials.

1. Invest in a powerful contact management software system

Today’s smartest companies have realized that contact management must go beyond Outlook in order to meet the challenging needs of an forward-moving company.  With the variety of choices available today, it’s worth it to research top contact management systems and determine which will work best for your company’s present and future needs. A good  software system will organize your contacts, grant shared access to calendars and facilitate email marketing.  An excellent contact management software system will track sales, provide detailed customer analysis and statistics, automatically connect contact information with data from any source within the system and more.

2. Create Visible Success Markers

Your customer relations efforts need a swift pace and pulse to get things moving forward consistently. What better way to achieve this than to set visible and realistic markers for success among your customer service workers. For instance if your goal is retaining customers, give rewards for workers who successfully achieve present numbers over sales cycles.  If consistency is also key, be sure to reward workers who may not have the numbers but can be counted on for recurring accomplishment.

3. Realize You’re in the Education Business

Injecting the notion of constant education into your CRM never fails. Customer service departments with a good grip on practical and informal ways to educate customers about the product and train them a little bit with each conversation on how to use it and its unique benefits repeatedly excel beyond the competition.  No matter what the nature of your business is customers will appreciate and emphasis on education and so will your bottom line.

4. Employ only the Best

Keep in mind that the definition of “the best” has changed in today’s modern markets.  What used to be the go-to criteria, the familiar “at least five years experience” is not necessarily the most effective – especially in customer service.The same five years of experience that made the grade in the past could be what’s holding back your team today as workers used to the routine are less welling to connect with customers in new ways. It may be risky, but an alternative is to hire fresh outlooks and positive, upbeat character and train for skill later.

5. Deepen Your Customer Perspective

Do you know what it’s like to buy one of your own products or what it’s like to chat with one of your customer service reps? One of the biggest customer service pitfalls companies make is being completely out of touch with their customer base.  Surprisingly, it takes more than full attention to the bottom line to keep customer service ticking. An in-depth analysis of customer obstacles, beliefs and opinions about your company could be an invaluable resource you have yet to tap.  Try reaching out to your customers with a blog comments section on your website or conduct an survey to ascertain where you customer’s interests lie.

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