7 LinkedIn Tips for Sales Professionals

Sales professionals can use LinkedIn to increase their network, learn about prospects, do research for sales opportunities, and communicate with decision makers. Here are 7 tips for sales professionals to optimize LinkedIn:

  • If your profile isn’t complete, your potential connections might not trust who you are when you reach out to them. Flesh it out with relevant information that helps potential connections learn about you, and maybe even trust you too. Here is a list of ten overused buzzwords you should avoid in your profile.


  • Grow your network audaciously. If you want to use LinkedIn for sales purposes, it’s well advised to have a very large network. I’m not talking hundreds of first-degree contacts; I’m talking thousands, if not more.


  • Ask for introductions from your connections. When you do searches, make sure you don’t forget your first-degree contacts as you reach out to prospective contacts. As you do this, you’ll put your brand and messaging top-of-mind with your first-degree contacts. Make sure to foster individual relationships so you don’t just take-take-take in the affiliation. Remember: Relationships are two-way streets.


  • Join Groups where your audience is, or where their contacts are. Contribute to Group Discussions, but more importantly, browse through the members to look for contacts that you can convert. Send Group Members Inmail messages with clear, concise messaging—focus on the relationship, but let them know why you want to connect and how they can benefit from your relationship. The last thing you should do is send a template message like so:

LinkedIn invitation



  • Consider advertising on LinkedIn. Their new advertising features afford you with the ability to choose certain types of LinkedIn users. It’s comparatively expensive, but the ads go in front of a demographic that is supposedly above average in regard to income, professional status, and decision-making power.


  • Become a LinkedIn writer. All LinkedIn users with connections are able to publish articles on LinkedIn Pulse. If enough people read, share and like the articles, LinkedIn will give them wider distribution – just like the content its Influencers are publishing.


  • Make yourself searchable. Many sales professionals forget to share their profiles with major search engines and hide their profiles from internal searches. Wrong move if you are in sales. Be sure to also include your email and work number as well as ensure that whatever is visible online is up-to-date.

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