6 Leadership Lessons To Learn By Next Year

Here are 6 leadership lessons we should all learn by the start of 2016. This applies to all sales managers and sales representatives who are using CRM Software for lead management purposes.  The hope is to assist you in building confidence in your skills and make you one of the top sales people in your industry.

1. Make Time For Personal Growth

As a leader, you already know how important of a resource time is. As you work to grow your organization in 2016, you will notice that time will become even more valuable. Free up some time to learn, grow and lean in to what’s important to you, and inevitably, your business as well. As well, challenge yourself to be more open to opinions, ideas and suggestions from others.

2. Avoid Isolation

Effective leaders know that isolating yourself from the rest of your team is like shooting yourself in the foot. Being transparent about your goals, challenges and vision is important to developing a strong team as well as organization.

3. Understand Motivation

Effective leaders are motivated by different things and in different ways. Taking the time to figure out how you can motivate the various personality types in 2016 throughout your organization will make for more productive and satisfied employees.

4. Take Risks

In 2016, don’t be afraid to take risks. According to Seth Godin, if you never take risks, you will never succeed. Effective leaders know how to take calculated risks because they know that it is in the best interest of their organization. No matter what happens, remain confident in your ability to lead and be steadfast in your decision-making skills.

5. Preach Selflessness

Effective leaders will always put others ahead of themselves, take santa claus for example. They believe in working as a team and know that there’s strength in numbers.

6. Lead With The Why

Find the meaning and make connection between the work you do and why it affects a lot of people. Be sure to share  your vision with employees and clients so they can help spread it.


What are you doing to improve management and leadership skills? If you feel like you need to work on these two traits, contact Carmel Vision.We have just the right solution for your business needs. It is our belief that change does not always have to necessitate breaking the bank.

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