Contact Management Software that you can afford

Contact Management Software is usually expensive to purchase, complicated to setup and requires many hours of training. For this reason many companies prefer to remain with Outlook and not deal with the headache of installing a contact management software or CRM software.

For this reason, we have developed InfoFlo which starts at only $99 per user.

Product Overview:

InfoFlo is highly customizable, feature rich and affordable CRM solution that is fully integrated with Outlook. We currently compete with CRM solutions such as ACT, SalesForce and Maximizer and are signing up customers who are frustrated with these solutions on a daily basis.

What makes our software unique is:

  1. All contact information is only  a single click away because we link all emails (automatically linked to the contact!!), calendar appointments, files, notes, tasks,  telephone calls and more to each contact. While at the same time we also provide a list of all emails, notes, appointments, tasks created in the entire system offering a 360 degree of an office
  2. Features such as email marketing with personalized fields, document management with version control, scanning, project management, calendar sharing, PDF converter and business card scanner
  3. Easy to Customize
    1. Our system is centered around 4 entities: Contacts, Companies, Categories, Projects. All of these entities can be renamed
    2. Custom Fields for contacts, companies, projects
    3. Custom calendar appointments, task types, project types
    4. Custom Folder names and Templates
    5. Custom Scanning Workflow
    6. Outlook Sync feature so that users don’t need to change their environment, while still working within InfoFlo: We are one of the few CRM solutions that has successfully created a sync with Outlook. Many CRM solutions claim to have this, but it in fact does not work as advertised. I believe that there are many SMB’s that are using OpenText software and are only using Outlook as their CRM. I see quite a large target market here.
    7. Affordable one-time cost: Infoflo is affordable and is only a one-time cost for life.

InfoFlo is an affordable contact management software that’s easy to setup and is very user friendly.


Email Auto Linking in your Contact Management Software?

An efficient contact management software should include some type of email management. Most of these contact manager solutions, such as Act, Goldmine and Outlook’s Business Contact Management offer this type of feature, but make it very complicated to setup and time consuming to maintain. Wouldn’t it be nice if your contact management software could automatically link emails to contacts for you, without you having to do anything?

The best contact management solution would simply check every new email that comes in and automatically link it to a contact by matching the From field and the contacts email address. If there is no such match, then the contact management software should place it in an “Unknown” box.

This is exactly what InfoFlo does! With InfoFlo, you simply click on a contact and you can automatically see all emails linked. If that email is from a contact that’s not added, the software lets you populate it and create a new contact from it.

You can find more information here:


2. Youtube video on how InfoFlo populates Unknown emails:



Why Is Document Management Important for your Contact Management Software?

Most contact management software (CRM) solutions include some kind of document management features. Typically these features includes the option to archive/link a document to an entity, such as a contact, company or project and collaborate with other users. This can become very useful as now users can view entity information in addition to all files related.

However, the main problem with these contact management solutions is that they don’t offer complete document management features, such as version control and reverting to a previous version. Without these 2 essential features, most contact management software’s on the market still force their customers to either purchase a 3rd party document management software or manually create new version of a document each time they want to make changes.

for this reason, InfoFlo includes complete document management features. It is the only contact management software on the market that includes all the features: document archiving (document linking), collaboration, version control and revert back to previous version. With this complete feature set users can enjoy all the benefits of a contact manager software fully integrated with all the document management features they would need. There is no need to purchase a 3rd party document management software and all information is stored on one central server, rather then on two separate servers.

You can find more information here:



How Do I Link Emails to Contacts in Outlook, Gmail, ACT or any other Contact Management Software?

Wouldn’t it be nice if your contact management software automatically linked emails to contacts for you?

Just imagine not having to spend the time in creating rules and filters in Outlook, or how much money you would save not having to pay a consultant to set it up for you.

If you are using InfoFlo as your contact manager, that’s exactly what you get. You’ll never need to link emails again as the software knows to automatically link emails to contacts for you. It does this by checking if an email that has just been downloaded by the system matches a contact that has been added. If it finds a match it automatically links the email to the contacts and marks the email as Known.

At any time an InfoFlo user can see all emails linked to a specific contact, while still having and Inbox view of all Known (emails from contacts added to InfoFlo) and Unknown.

We at Carmel Vision are proud to be one of the few software companies to offer such a feature. Our customers definitely appreciate the time and money that we are saving them.


How to import contacts into a contact management software

A customer called today and asked about the contact management features within InfoFlo. He explained that all of his contact information was contained within one huge excel file that was causing him havoc. He asked if InfoFlo could help.

We explained that by using InfoFlo’s import wizard you can import from a CSV, Excel or from Outlook and map all fields, including all custom fields.

Within minutes, we imported his excel sheet of 5000 contacts. He could now click on a contact, view all contact information, including all custom fields and see all the categories and companies linked. As well, he could click on a category and see all contacts and companies linked. He couldn’t believe how quick and easy it was to finally manage all of his information using InfoFlo.

We also explained to him that emails are automatically linked to each contact and that he can view all calendar events, notes, documents, tasks and more linked to each contact! Needless to say, he was a very satisfied customer.

We hope to post a story everyday explaining how we help our customers. Thank you all for your interest in InfoFlo.