Contact Management databases- InfoFlo’s SQL database advantage!

Today we’ll be talking about SQL the databases generally found in a client/server contact management software and why InfoFlo‘s database is unique.

InfoFlo is fully integrated with SQL 2005 and up, including SQL express. Now this is not unique because most contact manager software solutions are also integrated with the same but the infrastructure and how we manage this data is unique. Rather than storing data in the traditional sense InfoFlo stores the links to all the data inside a folder structure. Now this might not seem like a big deal but using this technique allows the customer to store an unlimited amount of data. With no restrictions on the amount of data stored a small business can save money on buying an expensive SQL 2008 or 2012 license which can cost thousands of dollars. Instead they can download the free version of SQL Express and never worry about exceeding the space limitation set on SQL Express.

There are many software solutions out there for multiple users but what about a solution for a single user that does not want to download a large piece of software that will significantly slow down their personal computer. Products like Sage Act and Maximizer software can be up to a 5 GB download and will put a large burden on a customer’s personal computer. InfoFlo for a single user is only a 250MB download because it is using a Firebird database which is better from a single user perspective. If you have questions or comments please post them below we would love to hear your feedback. For information about InfoFlo please visit


Free Contact Management Software – Is it worth it?

Many Small Medium Business’s today prefer to use a free contact management software rather than paying for one. They assume that by combining it with Microsoft Outlook, it would meet all of their sales and contact management needs.

However, in the long run, many of these businesses regret their decision later on as they get overwhelmed with information and need to deal with information overload.

Alternatively, many of them are looking for an affordable contact manager software that would include all the friendly features currently used in Outlook, such as email, notes, tasks and calendar. With this design in mind, all information can be stored in a single place, placing all information at the tip of their fingers.

The problem with contact management or CRM solutions today is that:
1. Many do not offer these integrated solutions
2. Many are expensive and small business’s can not afford them

One solution would be to use InfoFlo, the contact management software which we sell. It fully integrates all customer information into a single solution and includes features such as email management, tasks, calendar, notes, document management, scanning and more. It’s also quite affordable (starting at only $99) and is only a one-time cost for life. For more information please visit .

I would be interested if anyone can comment on other contact management solutions which they currently use that they feel are fully integrated and affordable.



Integrated Contact Management Software that’s Affordable and a ONE-TIME-COST


In today’s information technology era, businesses all over the world are inundated with an endless stream of information. Digital Files, hard copy documents and pictures and videos are constantly coming in or out of an office. Collecting, organizing, archiving and retrieving such information is becoming a common challenge for businesses, especially, when critical and immediate decisions have to be made.


By using today’s patchwork approach to systems, including the purchasing of disparate solutions, unnecessarily increases cost, complexity and risk. It leads to redundant content and to a lack of connections among systems and departments, not to mention the hours typically wasted in trying to find and retrieve information.

In addition, companies today expect their current systems to do more with less; however, many systems cannot handle these demands as they only offer subsets of a fully integrated contact management software. Although businesses may be reluctant in allocating funds for such technology, companies must examine their current systems to ensure that they have what it takes to operate efficiently and remain competitive.

Bottom Line: Most companies need to access at least one form of activity associated with an integrated Contact Management Software; whether it be as a scanning solution, document management or archiving solution, document collaboration solution, project management solution and/or email management solution in addition to other specific point activities required to get their job done effectively and effortlessly.

…….Look No Further, InfoFlo which starts at $99 per user, has arrived!! It offers a fully integrated contact management solution at an affordable price. Now you can use a SINGLE solution to manage all of your customer and office management needs.

Unlike our competitors, InfoFlo is a ONE TIME cost for life and includes FREE UPGRADES!! Please visit and take advantage of our FREE 30 DAY TRIAL.