Can Your Small Business Afford A Great CRM Software?

Decisions, Decisions

Small business owners are often on a budget when purchasing software. Yet, few of them would tolerate a cheap system that only covers the basics. Business owners need to know that investing in CRM software doesn’t have to break the bank. It also doesn’t necessarily mean a sacrifice in quality.

The most compelling reason for selecting a good piece of contact management software is to find the perfect system – one that offers above average features and flexibility without being so expensive that it’s practically out of reach.

The Web CRM Conundrum

When it comes to affordability web-based CRM can be extremely enticing. Companies often offer monthly payment packages with up to 30 days free?  Here’s a few things to consider for buying in to the web CRM bandwagon:

1. What happens when problems with the Internet render your business data completely inaccessible?

2. What happens when a hacker or other privacy issue causes your business data to become compromised?

3. Can you really ever be sure that another company’s server is secure enough and capable enough of housing your business’ most sensitive and crucial data?

These are costly considerations concerning well-known risks of using web CRM. If the trade-off between price and risk factors can be justified, then sure, web CRM may be the best thing for your company. However, many companies may find it difficult to chase after a purely affordable solution when so much of the lifeblood of their companies is at stake.

What To Do?

Clearly, the solution is to find a lucrative system well-known for its ability to balance cost-effectiveness with superior quality. However, even with this brilliant goal in mind, it may still be hard to choose the right one.

A wise recommendation is Carmelvision’s Infoflo system. At only $99/year (about $8.25/month) with free upgrades for the life of the subscription, this price breaks the mold even on the most inexpensive web CRM available, and it’s definitely among the most affordable stand-alone CRM systems. The best thing about it is it’s 24 core features are top-notch, giving users the ability to go above and beyond in managing contacts, emails, documents, reports and even collaboration.

It may be hard to balance the two most important factors, affordability and quality, when choosing where to invest in business technology. With systems like Infoflo on the market, however, the hardest part will only be how fast can you find the site and make the purchase. It’s easy, simply click here.



Three Important Features of CRM Software

Contact Management software should be at the top of any successful company’s list of tools that significantly improve and streamline the way business is done. Yet few companies are adequately informed about the top features that make these systems so valuable to today’s business world.

The following is a brief disclosure of the best contact management software system features and a short description of what makes each so essential and unique.

1. Email-to-Contacts Links

Part of almost every contact management system basic package these days, email-to-contacts links is a foundational feature worth seeking out. It works by specifically and automatically connecting every email ever received or sent through the system to contact names and information. This means that every click on a contact name returns not just the name, phone number and addresses of your most important clients and customers, but also a complete email history as well. This handy feature is extremely important for keeping customer relations personal, up-to-date and well-organized.

2.  Document Management with Version Control

One of the best things about document management integrated directly into a contact management software system is that it allows for joint editing, but one of the major drawbacks is that it can potentially complicate the creative process by leaving behind confusing multiple versions. When selecting software systems with is feature, be sure to ensure that version control is included. Version control will ensure that documents stay clear and concise throughout editing without the need to create new versions each time a change is made – whether there are 2 editors or 10.

3. Project Management for Collaborators

Collaboration is key in today’s business world. Those whose department are organized to promote as much teamwork as possible are usually the companies that tend to outshine the competition. That said, many companies are looking for software that facilitates collaboration in unique and exciting ways. Contact management software with project management is not necessarily a new arrival on the market, but systems that include project management add-ons specifically geared toward collaboration take things above and beyond the basics.  Before selecting this feature, make sure that it’s enhanced or at least customizable for quality collaboration tailored to your specific business needs.

For a contact management system with all the best features noted here and much more, consider Carmelvision’s Infoflo – a versatile, yet easy-to-use and affordable software system with everything you need to manage company contacts and beyond.