Email Auto Linking in your Contact Management Software?

An efficient contact management software should include some type of email management. Most of these contact manager solutions, such as Act, Goldmine and Outlook’s Business Contact Management offer this type of feature, but make it very complicated to setup and time consuming to maintain. Wouldn’t it be nice if your contact management software could automatically link emails to contacts for you, without you having to do anything?

The best contact management solution would simply check every new email that comes in and automatically link it to a contact by matching the From field and the contacts email address. If there is no such match, then the contact management software should place it in an “Unknown” box.

This is exactly what InfoFlo does! With InfoFlo, you simply click on a contact and you can automatically see all emails linked. If that email is from a contact that’s not added, the software lets you populate it and create a new contact from it.

You can find more information here:


2. Youtube video on how InfoFlo populates Unknown emails:


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