Do we need Contact Management Software

Contacts are a business’s bread and butter. They’re the points of forging ahead with continued lines of business; they’re the points to target when new businesses want to be developed. Now, the question is for most SMBs: is there a contact management software that (A) works, (B) is cost effective and affordable, (C) appropriate to your business and organization?

These are the fundamental points to run through, while trying to figure out whether or not a CRM system for managing contacts is the right fit for you and your business. Point-A is self-explanatory: you just want to make sure that the system does what it says it will do. See it in action; ask if you can trial the system or if there’s a live demo (with demo data to work with) online somewhere. Point-A also implies that the system has room for growth. And more and more these days, this implies being a cloud-based system—something that is hosted and accessible via the internet. This alleviates stresses and burdens (and costs) on your organization, so that your business can focus on its core competencies (instead of having to tinker with the latest set of security patches for a server or whatever).

Point-B is also straightforward. Given your budget, does the system’s price fall within an affordable range? But point-B also prods the evaluator to dig for value. “Okay, this system might cost a tad above market-, but it delivers on a ton of features, and we could possibly do a ton more business with this.” This might be a scenario you find yourself in.

Point-C is very contextual. “Appropriate” first has to deal with the culture of your company. Are the employees at your organization tech savvy, for instance? How will they take to this particular system’s interface? What sort of legacy issues, in terms of user habits, will you run into while transitioning from a current CRM for your contacts, to the new system? Again, a quasi-quantitative approach can be applied here: how much will it cost your business for staff to adjust to the new system? Do those costs outweigh the potential benefits at various time horizons?

These are some of the general points that one should weigh while trying to assess whether or not a new CRM (and particularly its contact management component) will lead contribute (or not) to higher profits for your business.

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