How to import contacts into a contact management software

A customer called today and asked about the contact management features within InfoFlo. He explained that all of his contact information was contained within one huge excel file that was causing him havoc. He asked if InfoFlo could help.

We explained that by using InfoFlo’s import wizard you can import from a CSV, Excel or from Outlook and map all fields, including all custom fields.

Within minutes, we imported his excel sheet of 5000 contacts. He could now click on a contact, view all contact information, including all custom fields and see all the categories and companies linked. As well, he could click on a category and see all contacts and companies linked. He couldn’t believe how quick and easy it was to finally manage all of his information using InfoFlo.

We also explained to him that emails are automatically linked to each contact and that he can view all calendar events, notes, documents, tasks and more linked to each contact! Needless to say, he was a very satisfied customer.

We hope to post a story everyday explaining how we help our customers. Thank you all for your interest in InfoFlo.

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