CRM Integrated with Your Phone System

Considering a CRM integrated with your phone system? If so, you are not alone. This CRM software feature is in high demand as businesses look for better ways to increase prospects and generate leads, but how can a phone system integrated with a contact management software make business run smoother?

One way is by placing customer contact information, including sales history and other details right at the user’s fingertips during calls. A phone system integrated with a CRM has the ability to provide instant call display of the most important customer data with each incoming/outgoing phone call. This allows the user to always be fully prepared as the information is displayed right in front of them when the telephone call is coming in.

Another important feature of a CRM integrated phone systems is automatic recording of phone calls. When a phone call is made or received the integrated system will allow users the option to record calls and then automatically link those voice recording to the appropriate contact for future reference.

For companies hoping to move fast to close important deals on a consistent basis, it gets no better than having the opportunity to add a CRM integrated with your phone system to your company assets. The benefits are endless and the investment is worthwhile.


With the InfoFlo PBX Phone System Integration add-on, users can now relax as InfoFlo automatically manages all incoming and outgoing calls. With this addition to InfoFlo, users now have a complete solution. Features include: Embedded softphone, Click-to-call, and Call History. Click here to purchase.


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