Contact Management Software Outlook Alternative

Though Microsoft Outlook may be an extremely popular business tool, it has its limitations.  Many companies today are in search of alternatives to the well-known favorite, and they’re finding it in a fairly up and coming resource – contact management software. This atypical business builder has a plethora of workable features versatile enough to handle more than simple organization of contacts and emails. In fact, many companies may be surprised to learn just how much contact management software is capable of doing for better business.

First, this software goes above and beyond the potential of Outlook to provide sound time and money saving features.  For most systems even basic features include integration with mega communication builders like Skype, Twitter and Facebook.   Some even include map integration synced with every contact entry as well as compatibility with VOIP vendors and integrated SIP softphones.

In addition, companies can collaborate with contact management software in ways that simply are not possible with Outlook.  Users gain the ability to share emails, notes and documents complete with check-in/check-out features as well as version control.  This means documents can be updated on a real-time basis, without the usual confusion associated with the inclusion of multiple writers.

It isn’t just that a contact manager offers more features than Outlook.  It’s also important to note that the quality of these features can excel beyond Outlook capabilities.  The proof is in the little things. Take the fact that many contact management software email editors offer users the ability to attach read and delivery receipts to emails and the way that the software allows users to select contacts for a quick display of the relatedness of contacts across categories.  These details may seem trivial to some, but for the clever business owners who have given contact management software a try, subtle differences like these make the system well worth the investment.

Providing absolute business essentials that go the extra mile is what software is all about. Particularly, when compared to Outlook, it can provide companies with everything that’s needed to empower any company contacts list and ensure that unique business needs, such as collaboration and relationship management, are also met on a consistent basis.  Give contact management software a try today for an outlook alternative that is sure to improve the organized flow or your growing business.

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