8 Smart Time Management Tips For Managers

What makes a productive manager successful at Time Management? I went ahead and asked 300 managers in the Information Technology, Marketing, Pharmaceutical, Education and Property Management sectors and here are 8 common time management traits (or tips) that they shared with me. I now proudly share them with my readers here at Carmel Vision, the leading provider of affordable CRM Software Solutions.

Before you scroll down and browse through the tips, I encourage you to closely examine the image below and see how you fit in the picture. Once done, continue reading!


Time Management


1. They Listen

Failure to listen to others’ opinions, new ideas or sound advice benefits no one. Not only does it slow down your learning, but it allows others to ignore you and leave you in the dust.


2. They Finish On Time

The best way to measure how successful a person is with their time is to measure the percentage of the work they get done. Successful and productive people are always great finishers, on time too. They seldom forget their responsibilities and almost always make sure they meet their deadlines.


3. They Plan Ahead

Few things negatively affect productivity like lack of planning. Taking the time to plan and organize your day in advance negates the need to waste time and make adjustments on the whim.


4. They Do Not Let Technology Dictate Them

People who allow technology to control them as opposed to them controlling the technology are addicts. Technology should be an asset, not a distraction. If you know the telephone is a distraction, put it on silent and place it in the drawer. Suggestion: Customize your incoming calls so that only second time callers will go through; the rest will go to voice mail.


5. They Take Initiative

Biting off more than you can chew is one of the leading ways to over-complicate things in the most unproductive ways. Know your limit and play within it.


6. They Delegate Well

Leaders see delegation as proper alignment of resources such that the best talent is matched with the greatest opportunities or the biggest challenges.


7. They End Work At A Fixed Time

Successful people end their working day at a fixed time. Don’t let work fill up your entire evening and break other arrangements. You can also have two finishing times: one for an ideal day and another for the latest time that you won’t work past.


8. They Are Organized

Being organized helps you to be on top of everything both at home and at work. It’s your central tool to organize information, to-do lists, projects, and other miscellaneous items. 2 in 3 productive sales managers use a CRM Software tool to help them stay organized and on top.


What are your goals as manager of your department or business? If you feel like you need to work on some of the above-described traits, contact Carmel Vision. We have just the right solution for your business needs. It is our belief that change does not always have to necessitate breaking the bank.

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