Private Cloud Contact Management Software

Cloud contact management software is definitely on the rise, but there may be another kind of cloud many companies are not yet aware of and it’s called private cloud contact management software.  This system, like hosted cloud software, allows employees to access company information and tools from laptops, desktops, mobile phones or tablets.  However, private clouds boast a host of benefits for new and thriving businesses.

Private cloud contact management software gives control to each user-company through a designated server installed on a central computer.  The server provides a static IP address for the entire company, creating a unique and private company cloud.  This solution makes sense for business owners in search of tools secure enough to store sensitive company information and reliable enough to withstand unforeseen circumstances such as Internet connectivity issues.

Some may argue that private cloud contact management software falls short of the convenience and flexibility offered with hosted cloud systems.  However, there simply is no lack of ease or convenience with private cloud.  It’s a complete contact management system accessible from anywhere your employees are, giving your company exclusive access to its very own cloud. Plus, when it comes to long-term affordability, private cloud contact management systems can’t be beat. With one-time costs of as little as $99, private cloud systems offer easily customizable contact management services as well as long range savings.

Though hosted cloud services are quite popular, they may not be the best bet for your business.  Consider private cloud contact management software as a viable alternative. Its an excellent way to get the best out of all that cloud computing has to offer without relinquishing control of sensitive company information or adversely affecting month-to-month cash flow – a wise choice for the best and brightest in business.

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