7 Ways to Appear Smarter in Meetings

Here are 7 easy ways to come out of a sales meeting smarter than your colleagues and other managers:


1. Draw a Diagram

It doesn’t matter if it is accurate or wildly inaccurate. In fact, the more inaccurate it is the better. The best sort of diagram is the Venn Diagram. Before you put your pen down, you’ll notice how colleagues will start to fight over how big the circles are or aren’t and what data should and should not go in the circles etc.


2. Encourage Everyone to Take a Step Back

All you have to say is “Can we take a step back”. There comes a point in almost every meeting where everyone is chiming, except you. Follow up your statement with “what problem are we trying to solve?”


3. Nod While Pretending to Taking Notes

Always come equipped to a meeting with a notepad and pen. Your rejection of the use of technology will be respected by all colleagues and managers. Take notes by writing down one word for every sentence you hear.


4. Ask: “Will This Scale?”

No one ever knows what scalable means, but it’s a good way to catch your colleagues’ attention and drive them nuts thinking what the word means. Then take the lead!


5. Ask the Presenter to Go Back One Slide

This will immediately make you look like you’re paying closer attention than everyone else in the meeting. Don’t have anything to say? Just say “I’m not sure what this means.”


6. Make Fun of Yourself

Colleagues love self-depreciating humour. Say something along the lines of “Maybe we can just use the lawyers from my real estate deal” Or “Gosh, I wish I was on vacation”. Everyone will probably agree and start laughing.


7. Don’t be Afraid to Speak Up

The more you can contribute to a conversation, a meeting, or other discourse, the smarter you’ll look. Do it with oomph and expression and everyone will love you for it.
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