5 Tips For Capturing The Attention of Audience

What makes a person and their message memorable? They know how to create a connection with their audience. We’ve written a productivity booster blog highlighting 5 proven tips for engaging and capturing the attention of your audience:


1. Break It Down

A decade ago, one paragraph would take up an entire page if printed. Today it is recommended to have no more than 4 sentences long. That’s because no one likes to search for a message hidden in bulky texts. This applies to emails, PowerPoint presentations web content, promotional materials and the like.


2. Pace Yourself

Group your information under headings and pace the flow with bullet points and spaces in between. Force your audience to pay attention and don’t give away the punchline too soon. Perhaps add audio and video clips in between.


3. Stay On Topic

You would think this is obvious and that you’d never make this mistake ever. I see some of the most intelligent and brilliant speakers and email blast writers talk about what they’re interested in rather than what the audience is interested in. The biggest names in the Silicon Valley became successful not because people believed in what they did, but because they believed in their cause and why they were doing it.


4. Tell Stories

Every presentation expert extols the power of stories. There’s evidence that people are prone to listen to stories. When you say “ I’ll tell you a story about…” your audience will turn their heads. Your stories should of course reinforce the point you’re making. Keep those stories short, especially when you are addressing it in emails and podcasts.


5. Add Video Clips

Insert short multimedia clips. A well-produced video is a sure way to capture the attention of your audience. It provides variation in the format and allows the audience to see remote facilities and hear from different people. The video may include customer testimonials, a special message from the CEO or a promotional corporate message, to name just a few IDEA.

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