How do I import Contacts from Outlook?

in Import Contacts & Emails

  1. Click the blue 'Help' button from the Ribbon Toolbar.
  2. Select 'Help' next to the blue '?' icon.
  3. The 'Getting Started' window will appear.
  4. Click 'Outlook' to navigate to the Outlook portion of Getting Started.
  5. 'Import' will be selected by default. Choose the contacts folder you would like to import by clicking the checkbox next to 'Contacts' (or the name of your contacts folder).
  6. To view/change the advanced import settings, click ‘Advanced Settings…’.
  7. Here you can choose to update existing information or overwrite the existing data (as well keep existing data and allow duplicates to be created). Click 'OK' to continue.
  8. Click 'Yes' to share the contact to all users or click 'No' to proceed without.
  9. Please wait while your contacts are imported. Click 'Close' when the import is complete.
  10. Your contacts have now been imported into the InfoFlo database.
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