How do I Import Contacts from Gmail?

in Getting StartedImport Contacts & Emails

  1. Click the blue 'Help' button from the Ribbon Toolbar.
  2. Select 'Help' next to the blue '?' icon.
  3. The 'Getting Started' window will appear.
  4. Click 'Gmail - It only takes a few clicks to Import your Gmail content.'.
  5. Step 1: Import Contacts from Gmail. Enter your email address and password for your Gmail account. Click 'Verify Account' to
  6. Check the contact list(s) you would like to import. Click 'Import' to begin the import.
  7. You will be prompted 'Do you wish to make imported contacts, companies and categories shared to all users?'. Click 'Yes' to share the contacts to all users or 'No' to continue without sharing.
  8. You have successfully imported contacts from your Gmail account. Click 'Close' to complete the process.