Project- Workflow

in Project Management

InfoFlo’s auto populate workflow is designed to automatically generate a list of tasks for every new project you create based on the project type selected. For more information please see the steps below:

  • 1. Click Setting-> click Preference-> click project->click Auto Populate
  • project-tasks-autopopulate-workflow

  • 2. Before creating a workflow be sure to add projects Types Click here to view how to create project types
  • 3. Click Add and click inside the Edit Item column and the task form will appear. Here you can create your task details including
    - Assigned (click add Participant to assign)
    -Start & End Date
    -Priority, Status, Percent Complete
    -Email and Popup Reminder
    -Description & Attachments
  • project-tasks-autopopulate

  • 4. Click Types to link this task to given project
  • project-tasks-autopopulate2

  • 5. Once you have added all of your tasks and linked them to project types click new project and select the project type and your automated workflow will begin to populate.